Before the holocaust, the Jewish community of Piotrków counted some 15-20 thousand people. A few thousands survived the holocaust and went on to build their new lives in the USA, Israel, and other places in the world.

This website was put together to commemorate the Piotrków community, and it is a part of the commemoration efforts started by the former community members in Israel and in the world. The website was initiated by former inhabitants of Piotrków in Israel and the city’s inhabitants association in the US. They all share the need to not let the memory of the Piotrków community before and during the holocaust to be forgotten.

The current phenomenon of “root searching” in the Jewish world, and a surprising interest of Polish residents of contemporary Piotrków in the history of the Jewish community meet each other. The inhabitants of Piotrków witness activities of “Former Jewish residents of Piotrków” and this adds meaning to commemorating the past and gives hope for the brighter future.

The Mayor of Piotrkow visits Israel, December 2016

Welcome to the film journey tracing the past of Piotrkow Trybunalski

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